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Dr. Nick Wakefield
About Me

I think that every person’s therapy journey is different. Some people need skills and coping techniques to help deal with things in their current context. For others it is important to address the underlying psychological mechanisms that give rise to the problems or symptoms at different points in life. For some it is important to address childhood origins of problems so that they can break free of repeating, destructive life patterns. I want to help people find the journey that is right for them.

Specialist Services

Living in a different country and culture from that of your place of origin can be extremely rewarding in enriching. However, it can also present a number of difficulties such as limited sense of community, isolation, loss of supportive relationships, changes in intimate relationships, change in status or career.

The therapy needs of the LGBTQI+ community are in some ways no different from the heterosexual community, and in some ways they are very different. I have extensive experience in working with people who are gender, sexuality and relationship diverse, bringing my range of clinical knowledge and experience to support those who identify a being from this community with their psychological, emotional and relational needs.

Working in the corporate world brings its own specific set of stresses and pressures. Your individual psychological makeup combined with the hectic demands of the office environment can create a great many stresses in you work and personal life.  It helps to have a therapist that understands such corporate environments.

Our Clients Say

Dr Nick listens like no-one I’ve ever met before.  I’m often surprised when he refers back to something I mentioned many sessions earlier, to draw an insightful connection to my current thoughts, that I had totally missed.  He is really helping me take an honest look at myself and to better understand my own feelings.  His support is helping me cope day to day and to feel more confident in the big decisions in my life.

Anonymous Female Client

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