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Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Client: Andrea A, Female

I first met when Dr Wakefield a few years ago having been referred to him by another therapist. He was recommended to me specifically for the treatment of C-PTSD using EMDR and CBT.

Panic Attacks

At the time of referral, I was having regular panic attacks, flashbacks and I was struggling to perform simple tasks like take my children to the dentist without suffering high levels of stress, anxiety and panic. I couldn’t see a way out of the fear and distress that had such power over my life.

Dr Wakefield is professional, patient, empathetic and engaged. I tried to see a number of therapists before meeting Nick but didn’t feel safe enough, fully listened too or able to share my experiences and challenges. His commitment to supporting those who seek his help is second to none and his expertise, understanding and ability to find the right treatment approach for each individual is admirable.

Despite being referred specifically for EMDR I have continued to see Nick for a number of years on and off for therapeutic support and can honestly say he has made a significant impact on my mental health for which I will always extremely grateful.


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